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  • Late Breaking Trials in Neurointensive Care

  • Trombectomia em NeuroUTI e em países em desenvolvimento

  • Trombectomia em janela extendida (DAWN/DEFUSE)

  • Trombólise em janela extendida (Exntend/Wake up)

  • Manejo clínico na UTI pós trombectomia

  • Common Data Elements in SAH research

  • How to improve outcomes after poor grade SAH

  • Latest consensus recommendations in TBI management

  • Data from the multicentre study "Center TBI"

  • TBI Guidelines:  Brain Trauma Foundation and the Seattle Consensus 

  • Hemostatic management of TBI 

  • Craniectomy in TBI: who benefits?

  • Severe TBI in developing countries: same problem, diferente challenges?

  • Research and Clinical Trial Design in Neurocritical Care

  • Big data, and Machine learning in neurointensive care 

  • Neurocognitive burden of critical illness

  • Ventilation strategies in TBI

  • Biomarkers and delirium

  • Paliative, withdrawal of care and terminal extubation 

  • Neuroimunollogy – autoimmune encephalitis 

  • Neuroprognostication 

  • Comatose, low arousal states and covert consciousness

  • Standards for Neurologic Critical Care Unit

  • Continuous EEG Monitoring in Sepsis and Delirium

  • Update in intracerebral hemorrhage - blood pressure and hemostatic management 

  • Post Cardiac arrest care: beyond TTM 

  • Neuro Lab – practical demonstrations and workshops: TCD / Pupillometry / Noninvasive ICP / NIRS / qEEG



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